Alcoholics Anonymous
Siouxland Intergroup
Central Office​​
614 Cook Street


Siouxland Intergroup​​:----------------------------------- Information on our Central Office
                                       ----------------------------------- Being a trusted Servant
                                       ----------------------------------- Information about Service Work​​
                                       -----------------------------------Become a Faithful Fiver
                                       ----------------------------------- Participate in the Birthday Plan
                                       ----------------------------------- So the Courts Sent You​ to A.A.

Information:-------------A letter from Bill W. about the use of the Lord's Prayer in A.A. Meetings


​​Iowa Area 24: ----------------------------------------------

       District 3:   Ames -------------------------------------​​

       District 4: Waterloo ----------------------------------
       District 7:  Des Moines ------------------------------
             Des Moines Central Office

       District 8:  Cedar Rapids ----------------------------

       District 9:  Davenport --------------------------------​​​

       District 13:  Iowa City -------------------------------

       District 16: SW Iowa --------------------------------

Nebraska Area 41: ----------------------------------------
       Omaha: ------------------------------------------------

       Lincoln: ------------------------------------------------ 

​​​​South Dakota Area 63: -----------------------------------​​
        Sioux Falls: -------------------------------------------

GSO (General Service Office): -------------------------

A.A. Near You : (By State) ----------------------------
Grapevine: -------------------------------------------------​
Big Book Online: ------------------------------------------

Click here to view Alcoholics Anonymous Public Service Announcements aired on local TV stations.

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