Siouxland Intergroup
Central Office​​
614 Cook Street
If you think you or someone you know may have a problem with your drinking, we are here to help.
If you find any incorrect information or broken links on our website call us at;
712-252-1333 or email us

Last updated on February 21, 2024

​Over the years, anonymity has proved one of the greatest gifts that A.A. offers the suffering alcoholic. Without it, many would never attend their first meeting. Although the stigma has lessened to some degree, most newcomers still find admission of their alcoholism so painful that it is possible only in a protected environment. Anonymity is essential for this atmosphere of trust and openness.

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Tues - Thurs 9am - 2pm, Fri 11:30am - 2pm, Sat 10am-1pm, CLOSED Sun & Mon​



Arranging AA Twelve Step calls​

- We maintain a 24 HR hotline manned by our AA Volunteers,​ an Alcoholic in need can reach us
Anytime, Dayor Night. If the caller is willing to receive a call back, the phone volunteer will get some information from them for the person who will call them back.
Information & Referral Center
​- Answering over 100 calls per month

- Meeting Schedules: We publish our own Weekly meeting schedule with Time and Location of all meetings in the Siouxland Area, Southeast SD, Northeast NE, & Northwest IA.​
(available in office and online)
 - Newsletter: Intergroup publishes our own Monthly Newsletter, "The Groupline" which is available on our website as well as in the office.  Contents include AA Events, meeting changes and news of General Services.

- Literature: A complete and Up-To-Date selection of AA Conference approved literature ​
                           (Big Book, 12x12, Grapevine Books, Daily Meditations and AA Pamphlets​)

- Cooperating with outside Agencies​​: Providing Public Information about AA
We as AA members are responsible, as is Siouxland Intergroup, here is some information about your Central Office & the services we provide:
For the above Services to be provided we solely rely on contributions from AA Groups and Individual member. ALL contributions are critical to the success of Siouxland Intergroup.

In addition we rely on a part-time employee and a host of AA Volunteers. Additionally, Intergroup is overseen by a Board of Directors that serve a one year term in which Board members then rotate off the Board and four new members are elected.​

Over the past years Intergroup has been challenged with Covid and economic pressures. ​Your Board & Intergroup Central Office is absolutely committed to continue to meet the needs of the AA Groups and its MAIN Purpose is to serve the suffering alcoholic through the Central Office that serves as the link between Alcoholics Anonymous and the public.​
Interested in 12th Step Service Work?

We are currently looking for Women & Men with more than 1 year of Sobriety and actively working with a sponsor.
If you are interested please call the Central Office (712) 252-1333 and speak with Veronica K. to get started!​
Types of Service Work Available 
- 12 - Step Callers                                 Gratitude Of Service Form 
- Temporary Sponsor                                                             
- AA Speaker​
- Hotline Volunteers
- Service Work with Unity Dinners

2024 Intergroup Board Officers
Chair   Josh M.
Co-Chair   Jesse V.
Secretary   Tim L.
Treasurer   Bill H.
Office Manager Veronica K.

Your Intergroup board meets every third Thursday at 7pm at the Intergroup Central Office
614 Cook Street
Sioux City, IA 51103​